Chin Up

(This is a submission for Friday Fictioneers-  This month, I've been focussing on NaNoWriMo-so far I've managed to eke 11,000 words out of my story Don't Carp-so I've been neglecting this blog a bit. I'll probably get an excerpt up here soon and it should be business as usual come December.)

Ralph wanted to be a plastic surgeon, but he didn't get the grades. Too
distracted, the teachers said, no application. That and the fact he'd done time
for going equipped, anyway.  He wouldn't've minded, only he'd heard they were
raking  it in. Still, being a burglar wasn't all bad. He could chose his own
hours and having a ladder on his person at all times was a boon.

When he got older, though, he started to realise something was missing. He
wanted to do his bit, make the world a happier place.  So he set about with his
ladder and chisel, performing cosmetic surgery on statues.  It's not an easy life. The
council aren't happy and the police keep banging him up, but he'll give the Statue of Liberty dimples if it's the last thing he does.



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17 responses to “Chin Up

  1. Nice! Lady Liberty is definitely too sombre.

  2. Ha!ha!What a way to make the world a happier place;-)I love dimples!

  3. Dear Etienne,

    What a conclusion to your story. My laughter is highlighting my dimples.



  4. Dear Etienne,

    Your last line is stellar. The perfect ending to your amusing story. Good job!



  5. One man’s “cosmetic surgery on statues” is another man’s vandalism 🙂
    Very enjoyable story!

  6. The last line was perfect. Very funny.

  7. Good for Ralph–there are plenty of public works that could use a good face lift.

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