Welcome to my blog.

If I seem a little furtive, that’s because, well, it feels wrong somehow for me to have one, like a bumfluff moustache or a collection of Jeffrey Archer first editions.  Really, if I was going to embrace the internet, I should have done it by now.  For whatever reason, though, its attractions have eluded me.   

Anyway, I’m setting this thing up because I have a book to promote.  Or rather, I’ve finished a novel-length work of fiction which I’ve been touting unsuccessfully around agents  for the last few months.  Having grudgingly come to realise that A Stopped Clock wasn’t the revolutionary crime fiction opus that I thought it was when I sent it out, I’ve decided that if I’m to have any chance of making it as an author, I need to promote myself a little bit harder.  Get a blog, seems to be the received wisdom so that’s what I’ve done though I’m not entirely sure what I’m suppose to do with it.   If anyone does happen to read this-and I’m ninety-percent certain that I’m typing to myself-please feel free to enlighten me. 

All the best.



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